Sunday, March 26, 2017

The Edward-Dean Museum volunteers are primarily Docents who serve as tour guides to the public and for educational school tours. They are trained with in-depth knowledge about the museum’s collections and exhibits.Volunteers help to maintain the museum's reference library that includes over 2,500 books, assist with museum's new exhibitions, and provide support to museum staff.


An educational background and an interest in art education is valued but not required.
Ability to converse with people and answer questions.
Walking and watching people for museum and visitor's safety.
Tours require 20 minutes to an hour of walking and standing time.
Docents have a choice of a 3-hour or 4-hour shift.

Join Us!
If you are interested in becoming a volunteer at the Edward-Dean Museum, please contact Baljit Toor, Museum Assistant & Volunteer Coordinator at (951) 845-2626